donald trump presidente reazioni musica

Donald Trump Presidente degli USA, le reazioni del mondo della musica

Donald Trump è il 45esimo Presidente degli Stati Uniti. Un risultato, quello elettorale, che ha sorpreso molti, primi tra tutti le star del mondo della musica che si erano impegnate in prima persona per sostenere Hillary Clinton – Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi tra gli altri. Ecco quali sono le prime reazioni apparse sui social alla notizia.


I was gonna stress myself to sleep. But fuck that (I’m cussing sorry) I’m NOT letting this stress me out one bit. Don’t get me wrong I am MAD AS HELL. But I have to practice what I preach. The amount of time I devote to meditating and not letting speculation or bad energy rule my life—for me to just spazz out would be counter productive. I’ll be honest I went through 6 drafts of this. Erasing every last word cause I didn’t even believe it as i typed it. I’m just saying: I got a laundry list to the top of Mt Fuji of things I’ve overcome and still managed to survive—I’m just praying whatever strength I was given to make it through the hard times of yesteryear, that this strength and power revive me and all of my people (women, those of different religious background, LGBTQIAs, prisoners, the poor, the imm—look it’s 4am…—I don’t feel like doing an 8th draft—some of my friends gonna be angry as all hell. Some will point fingers—nevermind….I got nothing. Right now. —nothing

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